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Squirting In The Car‏?

Hi. It’s Jason Julius here…

I just got the best email from a guy named Tim who decided to use my squirting female orgasm arts technique with his wife and is now reaping the sweet rewards…

I just had to share it with you. Check it out below.

** Email from Tim **

Dude! Dude! Dude!

I’m speechless! I’ve been with my wife since high school, 20 years! This past weekend we went out, and coming home we made out in the car in our driveway… I started to finger bang her and said, “What the hell, let me give your orgasm art techniques a try…”

My Fkn GOD! Dude! She stared at me with the most beautiful eyes in the world and was in euphoria! She didn’t even know what was coming as she was going from moaning pleasure to giggles, to a holy shit what’s happening to me face! And bam!

All over my leather seats, windows, back seats and our faces. No fkn joke! She wanted more, so we did it about six more times.

Feeling the warm liquid come out was crazy, and splashes all over our faces were a big turn-on for the both of us… She was amazed and asked me how I did that. She’s heard about squirting, but thought it wasn’t real.

I’m still in shock, brotha!

Needless to say, this was my best sexual experience to date!

I’m not kidding, either. I had a lot of wiping down to do the next morning… Well worth it!

Hats off and a bow to you, my friend!

** My Response **

Jason Julius orgasmartNow I don’t usually recommend your first squirting experience being in the car, but, hey, whatever works, right?

I guess that’s a good reason to go with the leather upgrade when choosing your next car, LOL.

But seriously, the credit deserves to go to Tim. He’s the one who left his mind open to the possibilities, used one of my orgasming arts techniques, and look what happened.

He and his wife had the best sexual experience they’ve had in 20 years of being together.

That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

While Tim’s experience may seem pretty crazy, I believe any couple can experience these types of results.

In fact, in my years of teaching this stuff I’ve received countless emails very similar to Tim’s, and it never gets old hearing of other people’s success when they use my techniques.

And I truly hope that next success story comes from you.

Watch and learn as I explain my female orgasm techniques here.


“But Jason, How do you know so much?”

It’s a question that I often get asked…

“How do you know so much about giving women squirting orgasms?”

The answer is quite simple…

I’ve spent years studying and practicing the art…

Plain and simple…

I wasn’t born this way. In fact, I’m not even that much different from you or any other guy, besides the fact that I’ve put in the time to master the skill.

When I first started my journey, there were no resources like The Orgasam Arts Blueprint available.

I sure wish there had been, because it would have accelerated my learning by leaps and bounds.

But, oh well; it’s been fun being a trailblazer.

You know one of my biggest reasons for creating The Orgasim Arts Blueprint course was to give guys just like you a resource to learn everything you’ll ever need to know about giving your woman a mind-melting orgasm without having to spend years learning like I did.

I’ve done all the hard work; I’ve boiled down the result of many years of study and trial and error into just a couple of hours of the need-to-know information and techniques.

I’ve been through most every resource on female orgasms that exists, and most are filled to the brim with fluff or straight-up bad advice.

That’s not what you get with any of my courses…

Everything in The Jason Julius Blueprint I use in my own love life and is easily replicated by anyone with a desire to become a better lover.

Rarely in life are there shortcuts to mastery, but for mastering the art of the female squirting orgasms, The Blueprint, my friend, is one of them.

Get instant access to The female Orgasm Blueprint Arts here.

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Orgasm Arts Review

Be well,
Jason Julius Review


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